Besides academics, we pose a high significance on activities outside the confines of the classroom. Our time-table is therefore complemented by a range of co-curricular activities, courses and clubs.

Activities such as sports, music, drama, art and debate are essential in forming a well-rounded personality and receiving an integrated education. This applies whether the child is an active participant or is an assistant or observer on the sidelines. Being involved in these activities offers multiple benefits:

  • helps youngsters discover their latent talents and passions
  • opens new avenues of interest
  • creates team spirit and collaboration
  • acquires mastery over inherent potentials
  • fosters self-esteem, motivation and academic success
  • equips them to face life with ease and confidence.



We have organized our students into four ‘houses’ named after flowers known for their beauty, fragrance and serenity. Each house functions under the guidance of a House Master/ House Mistress and is led by Captain and Vice-Captain. Inter-house sports and other competitions are held annually, where the Champion House bags the Principal’s Trophy. While the school promotes healthy competition, stress is giving on teamwork, cooperation, impartiality and sincerity.



Incorporating athletics in the curriculum boosts both physical health and psychological well-being. Thus, NGIPS encourages children and adolescents to participate and experience the essence of challenge and sportsmanship.

The school provides coaching in Cricket, Volleyball, Throw ball, Handball, Hockey, Basketball, Martial Arts ( Karate, Tae Kwan Do), Swimming, Table Tennis, Lawn Tennis, Football, Skating, Badminton, Chess, and Carom. NGIPS helps students to also get specialized coaching in Cricket, Swimming and Gymnastics through the Dept. of Physical Education, Mysore University after paying the prescribed fees.



The cultural development of our young people has become a necessity, where the youth of our country tend to blindly follow the western cult, instead of absorbing the good values of all cultures.

NGIPS offers exposure to a broad array of performing arts including Dramatics, Instrumental and Vocal Music, Dance. Through a variety of plays and theatre, students get a taste of Indian Mythology, historical events and the like, simultaneously enhancing creative elements in themselves.

Worldwide studies have shown that music brings about healthier brain development. Hence, students are recommended to learn music. NGIPS provides lessons in guitar, percussion, harmonium and keyboard too. For those interested in dance, there is provision for learning Modern Dance as well as Classical Dance. Throughout the year, students are exposed to public functions, inter-school festivals where they can showcase their talents.



Every morning of NGIPS begins with prayers, exercises and Yoga so that students start the day with a fresh and focussed mind. Exercises ranging from jogging to Aerobics assist students in retaining a healthy balance between the mind, body and spirit.


Extra Curricular Activities


Excursions and field trips are organized annually to places of historic, religious, cultural or even scientific importance. The opportunity of relating theoretical knowledge acquired in classrooms with their individual experiences lead to a deeper understanding of what students learn. Materials and experiences acquired during these trips are shared among them.


Religion is not a differential but a unifying cord. Celebration of different religious and cultural festivals is a special feature of NGIPS. This brings in the feeling of universal fraternity and enables students to respect all religions.


Every student is special to NGIPS. This is demonstrated by celebrating each child’s birthday, where cake is cut and shared with friends and teachers followed by some party time.

basketball sports
celebration of festival in NGIPS
birthday celebration of each students in NGIPS