25th May 2016

Warm Greetings!

The desire to succeed in life ignites the minds of every individual.It’s my firm and fervent belief that ‘Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal’.

The wheels of time have turned inexorably and borne witness to incidents, events, celebrations and the continuous striving of NGIPS towards excellence.

Educators of today are more conscious than ever before of the need for education in the lives of individuals to break free from the clutches of ignorance, insular ideas, fear and suppression.

NGIPS is of the firm belief that every student passing through its portals can touch society and effect a change through service,wisdom, love and tolerance.The school aims at academic excellence and the formation of a holistic individual by a judicious blend of curricular and co-curricular education empowering every student to face the society with confidence and courage.

I envisage a paradigm shift in the system of education at NGIPS towards the Next Generation Learning that describes personalized learning, student-directed approaches, hands-on experiences, flexible learning space,interactive and adaptive learning management that would become an indispensable system of learning in the near future.I hope and believe that with the concomitant efforts of the management, staff, students and parents this novel approach will bear the fruits of success and that together we can acclaim that NGIPS is an exemplary institution.

As we look ahead of a new academic year let us join hands to make NGIPS grow from strength to strength and attain the pinnacle of glory.

Thanks and Regards

Dr. C. Anthony Raj, Principal - NGIPS


Dr. C. Anthony Raj. M.Sc, B.Ed, PGDCA, Ph.D.

Principal - NGIPS